February 01, 2020 2 min read

Receiving & Swaddle Blankets

Receiving blankets sometimes referred to as swaddle blankets are the most versatile type of baby blankets. They are highly multifunctional and in addition to swaddling used for many purposes such breastfeeding cover blanket, burping cloth, stroller cover and much more.

While many people use the phrases interchangeably, there are some subtle but significant differences between receiving blankets and swaddle blankets. Receiving blankets are generally smaller in size than swaddle blankets. If swaddling is your main purpose, a swaddle blanket may be more convenient, whereas receiving blankets tend to be more versatile. 

Generally made of a lightweight and breathable material such as organic cotton and bamboo muslin, they are square or rectangular in shape and come in huge array of colors and patterns. As baby grows, the first blanket usually become a keepsake piece in many homes.

Security blankets

The popularity of security blankets has grown in recent years, they become increasingly popular and are often given as a baby shower gift, or for child’s first birthday. The security blankets bring babies and toddlers comfort at nap times, or for when you and your baby are away from home. Safety blankets, as the name suggests, are used for making babies and toddlers feel safe and comfortable at bedtime or in other unusual situations. Often made of an ultra-soft and plush material such as Minky Sherpa or Arctic Fleece.

Security blankets come in different sizes, however the most common is 30x40. Recent research on the use of security blankets, and their benefits, particularly when the child is away from their mother or from home, showed to be extremely beneficial.

Whether for comfort, easing anxiety, or to use for cuddling your baby to sleep, a security blanket may well be worth a purchase to help them—and you—get some much-needed rest.

According to Psychology Today, security objects are “rooted in sensorial elements that lessen the stress of separation, while they soothe and comfort the child.” Each aspect of the item — from how it smells, to feeling the worn spots, to the faded color — is part of the unique relationship between the security object and the child. Not only does the security blanket or lovey act as a comfort, but it has become a physical keepsake of memories and nostalgia