February 01, 2020 3 min read

At Zero To Three Club, we select our ingredients, and design all items with the littlest in mind. We spend countless hours doing research and carefully select our partners and suppliers. We want your precious babies to enjoy the highest quality and we want you to rest assured that your little angel is comfortable and content when surrounded by our products.

Although babies’ bedding is usually made from appropriate and safe materials, it is still worth knowing which are the most suitable and recommended. When making a decision to purchase baby’s bedding items, you have to look beyond the style and aesthetics and pay special attention to fabric’s consistency, absorbency, elasticity, synthetics and dyes, especially for newborns. If you have a baby at home, you must know that the choice of bedding, such as crib sheets, blankets, pillows and bumpers, has to be made from a point of view that goes beyond the latest fashion trends.

In kids’ bedding the fabric has a special importance, and it should be the key consideration when making a decision to purchase. It is essential you ensure that the sheets are soft and breathable with high moisture absorbency as well as hypoallergenic. Natural fabrics of Bamboo and Cotton consistency are the most appropriate for this age group and all synthetic fabrics, such as pure polyester, avora and nylon should be avoided altogether.

As far as fitted crib sheets are concerned, there are two types of fabrics that stand out above the rest. Jersey Cotton/Bamboo is perfect for summer due to its cool feel and high moisture absorbency (think sweating), and Cotton Flannel for winter sheets particularly warm material that provide cozy, warm comfort. We do not recommend synthetics, since not being natural, they may result in allergic reaction and difficulty breathing.

Let’s move on, now that we have made the importance of the fabric in the baby sheets clear, there are two other features worth mentioning, such as size and style.

To ensure that crib sheet does not move and become undone, which will pose a great danger of suffocation to a newborn, make sure the crib sheet have deep pockets and are the right size for the crib. Standard US sleeping surface of the crib is 28” deep and 52” long. Depending on the thickness of the mattress consider extra 2 inches of depth for a perfect snug fit. For instance, if the mattress thickness is 4”, the fitted sheet’s depth should be no less than 6. Remember one size does NOT fit all.  All of Zero to Three Club’s fitted crib sheets are perfectly designed for a snug fit for mattress thickness of 4-6 inches.

Next, the creative design. Today it is no longer just a pink and a blue. Zero To Three Club offers an array of patterns, colors and themes. Last year pastels dominated nursery décor, this year bright florals are coming to girls’ rooms and themed designs to boys’ rooms. However, personalized fitted sheets with baby’s name and birth stats are equally desirable. The options are endless.

One last note, it is important that you have several sets of fitted sheets and change them minimum once a week. Wash the sheets separate from clothing and according to label instructions, as it will prolong the durability of the sheet through your baby’s toddler stage until they are ready to transition to a big kid bed.

Now you know what you should look for when buying fitted sheets for your little angel. Zero To Three Club strictly adheres to the above quality checklist, so you don’t have to play the guessing game. Shop Zero To Three Club (www.zerotothreeclub.com) with confidence – we stand by our product 100%! We will be honored to serve you and your little one.