February 05, 2020 3 min read

How To Pick The Best Crib Sheets

We get this question a lot: “How many crib sheets do I need and how to choose the best crib sheet?” Brand new parents find it overwhelming to dig through mountains of information available on the web and social media, as well as all the advice they get from their parents, mom-friends, neighbors and just about everyone else who wants to have a say.

We’ve done some digging for you and pulled together a list of the key factors to consider when deciding on the number of crib sheets you need, and some suggestions on the type of crib sheets that you should purchase.

Begin here: how often are you going to change the crib sheets?

Just as you have to regularly change the bed sheets in your bed, you’ll also have to regularly change your baby’s crib sheets. With babies, however, you’ll probably be doing it more often than not. Babies drool, throw up, sweat, pee and poo waaay more than adults, thus you’d be changing the crib sheets more often. You will need to have a few spare crib sheets available to get the sheets changed a few times a week and, in some cases, daily.


Consider this: Do you swaddle your baby or keep your baby uncovered?

Something else to take into consideration is whether you swaddle (check out our personalized swaddles) or keep your baby uncovered. Needless to say, your sheets remain cleaner for a longer period of time if you decide to wrap the baby, and you’ll only need to change the sheets about once every three to four days. If you decide to swaddle your baby, you’ll need to have fresh sheets laid out at least once every week. With swaddling, your baby will stay in a single position, and there’s a lower change of the drool and wetness traveling through that additional layer to make the sheets dirty.


Remember this: Your baby’s skin is more sensitive than you think!

Every baby has a sensitive skin, however, there are babies who have more sensitive skin than others. If that’s the case, you would need to make sure all textiles in baby room are from hypoallergenic materials (consider our hyper-allergenic personalizable blankets). In the event that your baby has hypersensitive skin, you want to make sure that the crib sheets made from organic cotton and changed as often as daily. The last thing you want is your baby to develop a rash from the crib sheets.


Also important: Take into account that babies get sick.

When your baby is ill, it is imperative that you change the crib sheets as often as possible. Sanitize the room often and replace sheet daily to remove the germs from baby’s sleeping area.


So now is the key question: How many crib sheets do you need?

After taking the above into consideration, it’s time to decide on how many crib sheets you require. If you plan on changing your sheets every day, you would require at least six crib sheets (with the assumption the laundry is done one a week). On the other hand, if you plan on only placing fresh sheets in your baby’s crib once a week, you wouldn’t need more than two-three crib sheets (check out our personalized unisex fitted crib sheets) Although from personal experience, I can tell you there is absolutely no harm in making sure you have extra just in case.


What should you consider when buying crib sheets?

Now that you have an idea of how many crib sheets you’d need to purchase, it’s always helpful to get some tips on what you should look out for when it comes to purchasing crib sheets. You’ll want to purchase crib sheets that are made with breathable materials as babies can sweat since they lie down for the majority of the time. Organic cotton sheets are the best option for your baby, but if you’re on a tight budget, regular cotton sheets are fine as well.