February 02, 2020 3 min read

Best Baby Mattress Guide for New Parents

This is a quick but informative read, and we strongly recommend it for new parents. After reading this article you will know the types of crib mattress, how to choose a crib mattress and crib mattress safety guidelines.

There is no shortage of different types of crib mattresses, and are really a matter of personal preference. The oldest mattress type in the history of mattress is the innerspring mattress. This traditional mattress type has steel coils inside, which makes it resilient and sturdy. Above the coils, innerspring mattresses have layers of different cushioning materials, such as polyester, cotton or foam. Generally speaking the more coils, the more supportive and firm the mattress will be. New generation of parents tend to avoid buying spring mattress for their babies, perhaps due to personal experience with sore backs from sleeping on inner spring mattresses during their younger age. …That’s just a speculation, of course. Traditional mattresses are built with a layer of steel coils that provide support. As the coils in these innerspring mattresses wear down, the mattresses often sag over time, creating pressure points that can become very uncomfortable.

Foam mattresses: These are typically made from polyurethane, a foam resin. Foam mattresses can be a great choice because they’re lightweight and durable, and are also usually the least-expensive mattress option. While you can trust memory foam mattresses to be supportive sleep aids, they're not all created equal. They can run hot or cool; some will let baby sink into them and others will gently bounce away.  When choosing a foam crib mattress, you want to make sure it’s resilient. Test this by pressing your hand on the mattress and seeing how long the surface takes to regain its shape (the faster, the better).

Also, look for a mattress that has a higher density, which makes it firmer. Medium firm memory foam mattress is the best choice for little baby and is a perfectly suited mattress as baby transitions to a toddler bed.

Double-sided mattresses: 2 for 1! These mattresses have a firmer infant side and a softer side that is more appropriate for toddlers who still use a crib or convertible toddler bed. Just flip it over to give your tot a softer, more comfortable mattress. Keep in mind though, these models might be more expensive than some infant crib mattresses. And, you’ll have to remember to place the correct side of the mattress facing up when you’re changing the crib sheets.

How to Choose a Crib Mattress

Crib mattresses are similar to adult mattress, but with a few special considerations. Here’s what to look for in a crib mattress:

  • Firmness: Crib mattresses are firmer than adult ones in order to keep babies safe and to support growing bones while they sleep. Make sure the mattress is rated for infant use.
  • Waterproof: Crib mattresses should have a vinyl or polyethylene surface to make them waterproof and resist mold. If yours is fabric be sure to use a waterproof cover.

Crib Mattress Safety Guidelines

Here are a few safety basics to keep in mind when choosing a crib mattress:

  • Avoid second-hand if possible: Because of the dangers associated with mold and bacteria, it’s best to avoid a used mattress, especially if you don’t know the history of the product. Reusing one from another one of your children? Make sure there aren’t any openings in the waterproof cover where mold could’ve taken root.
  • Keep the crib empty: Although they look lovely, pillows, bumpers, stuffed animals and blankets shouldn’t be in a baby’s crib. That’s because they can wind up covering your baby’s face and be a suffocation hazard. Keep it to a fitted sheet only.
  • Place baby on their back: The safest sleeping position for your baby is on the back. It reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is the leading cause of death in the first year of life.
  • Check before you flip the mattress: If you have a double-sided mattress, check with your pediatrician to see if the time is right to flip it over to the toddler side. Most parents make the switch when their children are about 12 months old.

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 Article was borrowed from babylist.com