February 03, 2020 3 min read

Baby Clothes: Onesie, Romper and Pajama and 1st Birthday

Once in a while we get a question about difference of infant clothing pieces, so we want to take a quick moment to explain for those, who might be new to the game. Whenever we are talking about infants and newborns, the most common kids clothing choices that we come across are baby rompers, bodysuits, onesies and pyjamas. For most of us all these baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes are same but actually, they all are different.

What is a baby onesie?An infant top (that can be long or short sleeved), that leaves the legs uncovered and is fastened with snaps at the crotch. Here is a free Expert Tip: you'll need to add pants to a onesie. Turns out, not having pants on is frowned upon. Want to take your expert level up a notch? Look into getting yourself some BabyLegs. These are essentially baby leg warmers that -get this- replace pants. Change that diap without having to fuss with pulling things up and down. Boom!

What is a sleeper (pajama)? The answer is obvious, but if it isn’t, allow us to explain. A baby sleeper, also called a pajama is a one piece, with long sleeves and footsies. Sleepers for infants also have extra layer of fabric at hand opening for use as mittens – they serve a protective role  and prevent baby from scratching its face, due to startled movements.

What is a romper? A romper is a happy marriage of two items above. It means easy access and comfortable wear. The main difference is rompers don’t have mittens nor footsies….but they are just as adorable!

Now that you know the difference, let talk being practical. Whenever you buy infant clothing remember this: buy in small numbers, and buy larger, because babies seem to double in weight seemingly overnight. Opt for soft fabrics which feel good next to delicate baby skin. And since tags can irritate baby skin, tagless options are a the best choice. And do you really need designer baby clothes for your infant? We think not, well, from practical stand point, anyway. 

 We carry extensive line of personalized onesies both, short and long sleeves. Check out our creative (and fun!) design for boys and girls, and let us celebrate your baby’s milestones with our long and short sleeve personalized bodysuit collection.

So you survived the first year of parenthood and maybe even got your kid to sleep through the night. Congratulations.  And seemingly overnight, you now have a toddling, babbling, drooling little person in your home who’s grabbing everything and shoving it in her mouth. 

 Twelve-month milestones vary wildly, which is why finding 1 year old birthday gifts can be tougher than changing a diaper while standing up. Gifts for 1 year olds should, be fun, of course, but because this milestone will be more memorable to you than to your child, we advise you indulge yourself and make some good memories. Such memories that will carry you through the toughest days when you just want to scream on top of your lungs at that little stinker because she doodled on your newly painted walls with a bright green permanent market. Yes, those kinds of days.

So go ahead, make that 1st birthday memorable…for YOU. And make sure you take millions of pictures and hang that all over your home so that every moment of your awaken minute your are reminded of how lucky you are to have your little stinking Picasso.

 We help you make those celebrations memorable. Pick any of our special personalized milestone gifts, blankets and we will send a personalized bodysuit for your baby as a free gift. You can make your selections directly at our store www.zerotothreeclub.com


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